February 15, 2011

Listen Up!

Mike Mearls wrote an excellent article over at the WotC site. Go read it.
Essentially, it is about how the past of D&D affects the present and future of D&D. It is about how we are all playing the same game, despite what edition it is. About how D&D sets us apart from the “norm” and thus binds us together.
Some will say this is nothing but spin on his part to gloss over the fact WotC failed D&D with 4E. I say he makes some excellent and valid points. He also talks about who “owns” D&D and what its legacy means for us now.
Seriously, if you haven’t read the article yet, go.

Here are some highlights that I took away from the article. I’m sure other people will take away their own impressions.

“D&D is what we make of it, and by "we" I mean the DMs, the players, the readers, the bloggers—everyone who has picked up a d20 and ventured into a dungeon.”
“…it’s easy to mistake what Wizards of the Coast publishes as the core essence of D&D.”
“…the game is what you, the community of D&D fans and players, make it.”
“When we look to the past, we learn that there are far more things that tie us together than tear us apart”
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