August 4, 2011

The Game Trumps the Internet

I will admit that with all the internet hatred of 4E it can get a bit depressing. Sometimes I feel like I might be doing something wrong, playing the wrong game for the wrong reasons. After all there is soooo much wrong with 4E. There are countless articles by people about why they don't like it. And to be honest it is not a perfect system. It is easy to point (and harp) on a singular issue and drive the system into the ground. Add to that more singular issues and eventually a person can start to feel like the entire system is wrong.

However, last night we had an awesome 4E game. The characters managed to finally destroy the item that was causing them to be hideously cursed. The characters drove the adventure with passion and a sense of urgency. 6 straight encounters without a single extended rest. They saved their best stuff for the final fight and went to town. The players felt on the edge, rationing their resources and feeling behind the 8-ball. As the final fight finished they cheered at the conclusion. Some were giddy with how they were able to help the party. Some were excited about how they used every power they had and were left with nothing at the end. Everyone felt as if they contributed to the final fight And this is from players who have been playing RPGs for 20+ years each.

My players have embraced the system and seem to really enjoy 4E. They like all the things 4E has brought to the RPG table. Detailed powers, every class bringing something unique to the table, rationing of abilities, intricate combat, encounter balance. Many of the things the internet pundits decry as being wrong. But ya know what, my players had fun last night, a lot of fun. And that is the important part.

So, the heck with the internet; my players will determine what system is right.


Fabian said...

Awesome :) It's nice to read something positive about the game. I've been playing/DMing solidly since release and having a blast.

Hungry said...

I'm not a fan of D&D 4E. I even borderline loathe it. But like religions, I have my own and others have theirs. If the game is making you happy (isn't that the whole point???) then keep on keepin' on!

I will never preach to someone about why MY game is superior to THEIR game. I will always have an open and honest discussion about why I perceive as the merits and flaws of a game system/world/environment/campaign, but I won't push my ideal thing on another person.

Continue having fun! It is a game, right? Isn't that the whole point of a game?

Sully said...

I know what you mean, buddy. I've even been feeling down on 4e lately, but I think a lot of that is frustration from trying to teach the system to my children. Ah well, i'm sure i'll be feeling it again when my regular group gets back in the swing of things. I'm also fixing to play Encounters this season, starting with D&D Gameday this saturday, so yeah, should be feeling it again pretty soon!

Sefotron said...

I've played since AD&D, and love 4e. Every edition has its problems, as well as its haters. The main thing is whether the system lets you run the kind of game you and your players enjoy, and for me, 4e fits the bill perfectly. (and yes, there is plenty of roleplaying in my games as well as hack and slash). :D