December 20, 2011

Pinewood - A Village

This is Pinewood, a lumber community of 50 people.  It was the starting place of my The Children campaign.  It is basic but could be used for any fairly generic village. Feel free to use it as you wish; it could come in handy if you need a village on the fly.
A couple of notes about my write-up. Families are named for the father of the house.  The number within the parenthesis is the age of the person. While I do not make specific mention of it, you can assume the two oldest are a married couple and the rest are their children. You should be able to click on the map to bring up a larger version of it.


Type: Village
Population: 50
Notes: This is primarily a foresting community on the outskirts of Dunwood. All goods are shipped down to the town of Crossroads, which lies 40 miles away, once a month.  It is out of the way and sees virtually no visitors.  The closest other settlement is Woodport, another foresting village 20 miles to the southeast. 

Erlien(62), Truda(57)
Erlien is the oldest man in the village, but he still works as a woodcutter.  He is getting slower and less active, but the village still respects his work.

Father Johann
Father Johann(42)
Father Johann is the priest of the Church of the Uni.  He is adamant that his faith is the correct one, but follows the policy of allowing other faiths. [The Church of the Uni believes that there is only one god and that all other gods are just a manifestation or aspect of that one god. As such, the church allows for the worship of other gods as they view it still being a worship of the one god. Feel free to make Father Johann a priest of a god of your own pantheon.]

Gottheim(34), Kirsta(36), Heinz(18), Katrina(14)
Gottheim is what would be called the village blacksmith.  He has limited knowledge of metalworking, mostly in regard to axes and saws.  He can also do a little bit more, like shoeing a horse, but the work is shoddy at best.  He only blacksmiths when it is required and spends the rest of the time woodcutting.

Hann(37), Anna(36), Amilia(17), Vanea(15)
Hann is the nominal leader of the village, but only because he actually knows how to read and is willing to do the job.  Mostly he is just a good woodcutter.

Heinhardt(48), Hannilla(42), Rhonea(24)
Heinhardt is a steady woodcutter.  As for Rhonea, the family has lost hope of her ever finding a man willing to marry her.

Jetta(38), Georgina(32), Rhon(7), Krist(6), Thudra(4), Luna(2), Dien(1)
Jetta is the best woodsman within the village.  All the youngsters within the village are trained by Jetta at one time or another.

Max(20), Kiertilla(17)
Max is the eldest son of Hann.  Just last year he was married and built his own home.  He is the future of the village and it is in good hands.

Ostad(41), Rhondea(38), Than(19), Karl(18), Alheim(16), Truda(10), Kriston(7), Lotte(5)
Ostad owns the Inn of the Osprey, as well as the Stables.  Ostad has been able to quit the woodcutting livelihood and concentrate on his business ventures.  There isn’t much of a market for an inn or stables, but currently he has plenty of money coming in.  Rhondea, his wife, is pregnant again, though some feel she is too old to be carrying this child and fear it will be lost.

Otto is a farmer.  He grows a wide variety of vegetables and grains for the village. He is the only regular source of food, but even so it would not be enough without the supplies bought in Crossroads.

Ruprecht(52), Hannra(27), Karea(6), Mhars(4)
Ruprecht is the only villager not born here. He was once an adventurer, but retired long ago.  While he has some money he now embraces the life of a woodcutter. 

Tana(34), Willa(28), Erik(11), Dierhard(9), Bernrich(8)
A woodcutter.  During his spare time Tana makes furniture, specifically rocking chairs.  The few chairs he makes during the year are sent along when the lumber is taken to Crossroads. 

Van(23), Marilla(24), Frank(1)
A woodcutter.  Frank was born with a deformed left arm and since the birth the parents have become withdrawn from village social activities.

Walther(21), Rhon(12), Uwe(11)
Walther’s main responsibility in the village is to transport the monthly delivery of wood to Crossroads.  Several of the villagers assist him and the trip usually takes 3 days to complete.  When not making the monthly trip Walther spends his time taking the cut wood out of Dunwood and getting it ready for transportation.

Wilhold(25), Kirstilla(18)
Wilhold is the son of Heinhardt.  He is a competent woodcutter.  Kirstilla is expecting their first child.

Luthor is a very powerful mage.  He has taken it upon himself to educate some of the children in the village.  He has done much for the village including providing a steady water well and other benefits.  As for his past nothing is known.

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Victor Von Dave said...

Nice, I like how in addition to a blurb about their personalities you also described how the villagers relate to on another - very Village of Hommlet feel.

Plus those are some good villager names, something that can't be overlooked (and I 'm really bad at making up on the fly).