June 12, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman is a D&D Movie

[Spoilers Follow]

I went to go see Snow White and the Huntsman expecting a retelling of the fairy tale. I got that, but so much more. To me, it is a D&D movie. It is filled with D&D tropes and, more importantly, filled with images ripped right out out of my D&D mind. The movie was able to visualize what I am usually at a loss to accurately describe with meer words.

It had a Dark Forest. Every world setting I've ever written has some form of Dark Forest, an aged forst deep, dark, mysterious and dangerous. This movie portrayed my concept of this accurately and well.

It had a fight with a bridge troll. Fights with trolls are always awesome.

The dwarves were cool instead of silly little people.

It had river villages with unique customs inherent to the setting (the self-scarring of the women to avoid the gaze of the Witch).

It had a hidden elven glade of faeries and fey creatures.

It had a band of heroes fighting and saving the day, while armies fought.

The castle interiors were narrow and looked like 5' wide hallways.

It had a sorcerous villainess, where the use of magic was explicit and effective.

Was it a great movie? No, though it is a good movie. And it is a D&D movie. Wanna see...

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