May 7, 2013

Your Favorite Module Series

Everyone has their favorite D&D module and often they are part of a series. That said, I am wondering what people consider the greatest module series to be. By this I mean a series of linked adventures that tie together fairly tightly to tell an overarching story spread over more than one module. Granted this sort of accolade is highly subjective, based on game play and nostalgia. A great adventure can be butchered to mediocrity and a poor adventure can be elevated to iconic status by an excellent DM and players.

Here follows a list of many of the well-known module series. There is a poll on the right of this site wherein you can vote. The poll will remain up until the end of the month. If there is a series that you feel is better than those I have listed feel free to make mention of it in the comments.

Scourge of the Slavelords A1-A4
Dragonlance DL1-DL14

Darksun DS1-DSQ3
Queen of the Spiders G1-Q1

Desert of Desolation I3-I5
Rappan Athuk 1-3

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