October 29, 2013

RPG Tech Wish List

If I were to win one of the huge lottery prizes (I'm talking millions), I would create a rock'in rpg game room with all the bells and whistles that expendable cash can buy. I know most of us would as well. But what if you could only get one tech item for your game? What would it be? And by this question I am really asking, what is the most important technological item you could get for your game?

For me, it would be a high-end printer and enough ink to keep it going in perpetuity.
I find I am buying a lot more PDFs than ever before. But I like paper products so I need to print them out to make good use of them. There are paper map tiles, paper miniatures and other table accessories that you can print out these days. Also, I am a big fan of giving my players pictures of what they encounter from pictures of loot (weapons, necklaces, rings, etc) they find to locations (castles, wilderness, etc) they visit. I actually do a bunch of printing at work but it's all in black & white (and I'm limited by how much they allow me to print for personal reasons). I would love to be able to print everything out in glorious color.

Getting a high-end printer is actually an attainable goal without having to win a lottery - assuming someday I can talk the wife into letting me do it. But what tech item would you want for your table? Many people want such things as high-end computers to facilitate game play, a more portable computer such as a pdf reader for ease of use, a high-end projection system for running mapped encounters and other such items. What would you like if money was no obstacle?
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