November 15, 2013

TFT - Where Did You Get That Ability?

The Fantasy Trip was a role-playing game that came out in 1980 with the release of In The Labyrinth, the core rule set. It also included Melee (tactical combat) and Wizard (spellcasting), as well as the Advanced versions of them. The game was written by Steve Jackson who later used the system as a base for GURPS. This series of articles is a look at the rules of The Fantasy Trip as seen through modern eyes.

In The Fantasy Trip (TFT), when a character gains xp and earns enough to get a new ability, they do not just pick one and add it to their character sheet. They have to have "studied" it. In TFT, a character can be in the process of studying up to 3 different Talents at a time. When the character is able to purchase a new Talent it must be chosen form one of the 3 they were studying. In addition there are some Talents that they must "learn" from an outside source; certain abilities must be taught by the Thieve's Guild or the Mechanicians' Guild.

What do you think? Should abilities gained after play starts be given right away, or should there be a waiting process involved?
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