December 3, 2013

TFT - Monster Pictures

The Fantasy Trip was a role-playing game that came out in 1980 with the release of In The Labyrinth, the core rule set. It also included Melee (tactical combat) and Wizard (spellcasting), as well as the Advanced versions of them. The game was written by Steve Jackson who later used the system as a base for GURPS. This series of articles is a look at the rules of The Fantasy Trip as seen through modern eyes.

Do you need pictures of monsters?  The Fantasy Trip (TFT) includes a section of monsters. None of them have pictures depicting them. Often this is not an issue since most experienced gamers have probably already seen a picture of many monsters in other publications. If you've seen the picture of a troll you can mentally attach that picture to one without a picture. But what happens when an rpg introduces a new, never before seen, monster or their description is different than what a reader has seen before?

Are you able to visualize a monster without having a picture for it? Is it harder to describe the monster to your players without a picture?

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Andreas Davour said...

Anyone have some image of what a troll looks like. Try going out on the street asking someone what a Flumph looks like...