January 31, 2014

40th Anniversary of D&D

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of D&D, d20 Dark Ages is running a Blog Hop Challenge wherein he asks us to answer a personal D&D related question every day for the month of February. While I recently did a Blog Series similar to this a few months ago, this one asks some different questions. Also, it is a true celebration of D&D and what it means for each of us. D&D has had a tremendous impact upon my life and every rpg gamer out there (even if they don't currently or never have played D&D). Thus, I felt compelled to join this Blog Hop Challenge.

I expect my memory to fail me on several questions, but I will attempt to answer them anyway, or at least with something close. I hope you bear with me. I also hope this series can bring back some of the nostalgia of the beginning days of rpgs.

Side Note: When was D&D actually released? Check out this article at Playing at the World for an analysis of what day the actual 40th Anniversary of D&D could fall on.

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