March 18, 2014

Help Yourself to Remember the Old Days

Yet again, another missed opportunity...
A couple of weeks ago one of my gaming groups wrapped up our Necessary Evil campaign. It was a bunch of fun and I think the players really enjoyed each week's game play. One thing I wish I had done was to have the player's make copies of their starting characters. It would have been fun to bring them out after the campaign concluded to see how much they had changed.

RPGs are all about the progression of characters (either through stats or their place within the world). By taking a look at "before" and "after" character sheets it is a visible reminder of where the characters came from and what they have accomplished. The Undead Knight can see how far his Parry and Toughness has come. Princess can not only see her increased Heal ability, but also the American Anvil as a contact. Salamandra can see the various occult artifacts she had managed to pick up over the course of the campaign. Wrecker can see DM-5, his first character that died tragically in an epic fight with the invading aliens.

Character sheets are records of the life of a character and campaign, and it is a good idea to remind ourselves what has come before. Don't you miss this opportunity - make a copy of their character sheets at the start of your campaign.

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