December 2, 2014

5E Group Background - Religious Order

The World Builder Blog did a nice article on Group Backgrounds for 5E. Basically these are backgrounds with the assumption that the player characters are all from the same background instead of the usual individual ones. This allows for player character group to have some initial ties, giving a more coherent reason of why they are together.
The initial article gave some basics for the Group Backgrounds, but I thought it would be neat to expand them into regular backgrounds. These could also work as regular Backgrounds for individuals.

Group Background: Religious Order
Your party is made up of characters who are all part of the same religious order be it a monastery, cult, or temple. You share devout beliefs in the same gods, studied religion together, and are friends who share common morality. Together you walk the world, doing deeds in the name of your religion.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, choose one of the following (History, Medicine, Persuasion)  
Languages: Two of your choice
Equipment: A set of common clothes, vestments, a holy symbol, prayer book, a belt pouch continuing 10gp

Feature: Aid and Comfort
In any given community it is highly likely there will be people of the same faith as yours. They will provide lodging and food as long as you are in that community. They may even be persuaded to give additional aid as requested, such as local information or even putting themselves into danger for your cause.

Suggested Characteristics:
The belief in the same god or religion can bring together people who otherwise would have little in common. It also helps define their relationships and actions. For many people they are defined by which religion they follow.

Personality Trait:
1. Before I do anything else at the start of the day, I offer up a prayer to my god.
2. After meeting a new person, one of the first things I try to do is discover which god they worship.
3. I took to the more somber teachings of my faith. Thus I have a glum outlook on life.
4. I can’t help myself and feel the need to let other people know about my deity.
5. I make it a point to thank every person that provides me some sort of aid or service.
6. I am trying to better understand the world and my faith. This means I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes people don’t like those questions, but I need to know.
7. My personal grooming is a reflection of my devotion to my god. Thus I try to look my best at all times.
8. I like to quote religious texts as responses to questions or as a parable in related situations.

1. Benevolence. I have faith in my god, but people are free to form their own opinions on which god to worship.  (Neutral)
2. Kindness. The purpose of our worship is to make the world better for everyone. (Good)
3. Thoughtful. I love to have philosophical discussions on the nature of the gods. Sometimes I’ll even take up a contrary position to better explore a topic. (Chaotic)
4. Devout. By holding true to the words of our god, the world will be a better place. (Lawful)
5. Zealot. There is no true god except for my god. Anyone who worships another god is a heretic. (Evil)
6. Faithfulness. Worshipping my god brings me joy and a sense of well-being. (Any)

1. My mother is a high ranking member of the church. I work to make her proud.
2. The village where I grew up in needs a full-time minister. When I retire I am hoping to settle there.
3. My father was a traveling priest and faith healer, who turned out to be a charlatan. I work to absolve the memory of his sins.
4. Sometimes I hear voices in my head that guide me. I don’t know if they are from my god, but so far they have not steered me wrong.
5. I have been tasked to carry a holy icon of our order. I must display it for all to see, but more importantly, I must keep it safe.
6. I see all those who worship my god as family members. A worshipper of my god can count on me for aid.

1. I have begun to lose faith in my god.
2. I am disgusted by those who try and use their faith as a means to give themselves more power and control over other people. I will oppose those people wherever I find them.
3. I have faith that my god will protect me in all things. This mean sometimes I may seem to be reckless.
4. While I allow the foolhardy to believe in their own false gods, I become violent when someone says something bad about my god.
5. I tithe far more than required. I can’t help myself from giving to those less fortunate than myself.
6. I automatically trust anyone who claims to be a fellow worshipper of my god.

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