October 13, 2015

Cliche Tripe

Here are a few things that annoy me when I see them as part of the promo for a new rpg. All too often they are spouting things we've heard before, but are trying to present them as something new or unique.

-"They walk among us" or "History is a lie" or "The world's hidden history".

-"A new fantasy rpg with...
          "...no class or racial limits!".
          "...streamlined combat!"
          "...rules for role-playing instead of roll-playing!"
          "...hundreds of classes and races!"
          "...no levels!"

-"For people who want to spend less time arguing about the rules and more time playing!"

-"Create a character in under 5 minutes!"

-Here are some overused attention-getters that often fail to fulfill...
"Dark fantasy world!"
"Cinematic action!"

-"Designed for X system but compatible with everything!"

-"This new system is based on system X, only better!"

-"This is the lite version of system X!"
-"This is the lite version of system X!" which is one no one has ever heard of.

-"Everything you need to play! Expect more supplements soon!"

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