October 16, 2009

Big Ball of No Fun

This blog is mainly concerned with tabletop RPGs. I have been playing and running RPGs for nearly 30 years. I have 5 bookshelves of gaming material, with cartons of gaming suplements put in storage as well. I've played through the fun times and taken breaks from gaming when it seemed the right thing to do.

Through the years I've come up with alot of ideas about rpg gaming, some about how to make it better and sometimes just crunch.  Some of my ideas fall flat, but at least I remember the failures and can avoid them in the future.  Maybe I can help you do the same.

This blog is about my thoughts and opinions on tabletop RPGs, how to run the games and how to make them better.  Hopefully I'll be able to provide you with things you can use at the table.

So, why is the blog called Big Ball of No Fun?  About 20 years ago, my players thought it would be funny to make a list of my attributes as a DM.  They came up with about 10 lines of positives. Then they came up with two pages of negatives; things like 'doesn't give out enough xp' or 'laughes when we die'.  It was all done in jest, or at least I hope so.  But one of the negatives was 'Big Ball of No Fun'.  It has stuck with me through the years.  For me it means challenging the players even when they want it easy.  Keep them guessing and never make it easy.
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