October 22, 2009

Upcoming Awesomeness

Like most players, there are a number of games and supplements I am looking forward to.  Will they be awesome or will they stink? I don't know, but the waiting is killing me.  What products are you waiting for?

And now, in no particular order, is the stuff I wish I could travel forward in time for.

1) Dr Who.  Actually the one I am most looking forward to is the new Dr Who rpg from Cubicle-7. I am a huge fan of Dr Who from way back and just love the concept of playing a rpg in that universe. I was a fan of the old FASA game; not so much for the rules, which were weak, but rather for the opportunity to play in the Dr Who world.  Will this new rendition have sound rules and superb supplements?  Who cares, as long as it captures the essence of Dr Who.

2) Underdark by WotC for 4E.  This supplement is going to be a Delve style release focusing on the Underdark, that land beneath the world.  I have always wanted to run a drow campiagn wherein the player characters are drow caught up in drow society and machinations. (And no, I have not read the Drizzt books.)  I am hoping to ask the players to play non-evil characters, as the counterpoint to the evil society will make for exciting adventures. Either way this supplement should allow me to do alot of creating and populating of the player's region.

3) The Plane Below by WotC for 4E.  Currently in my 4E campaign the player characters are bastard children of demons. This supplement deals with the planes of Chaos and should help me flesh out their character backgrounds (its been an ongoing development as they find more and more details out about their pasts). It should also help me prepare some adventures as they near the Epic Tier.

4) Dark Sun Campaign by WotC.  I have always loved this world setting and it was a fun time when I ran it long ago. I hope they manage to capture the brutality and harshness of the setting. When WotC announced they were releasing it next year they mentioned not constraining the setting to 4E mechanics so I am curious how they plan on doing that.

5) Book of Rituals by Goodman Games. This book was the result of an open call for writers and they were kind enough to take some of my submissions. I just love seeing my stuff in print and that is the main reason I am looking forward to it. That and I like more crunch for my players. I have not seen the contents, but they say they are doing some fun and devious things with 4E rituals.

6) Amethyst by Goodman Games. This is a world setting book fusing the modern day world with fantasy, using the 4E ruleset. I have always liked playing in the modern world and then turning it inside out and seeing how it all falls together. Goodman has been putting out some really good supplements lately so this should be a good one.

7) Dragon Age by Green Ronin. This is Green Ronin product is a relatively new game system with a setting based on the upcoming Bioware computer game of the same name. These are two companies who I have alot of respect for and them coming together to produce a new game sounds very intriguing. Sounds like fairly basic dragons, swords and magic setting but I will definitely be checking it out.

8) The Dresden Files RPG. Yes, such a game is in the works and will be using the FATE system. It still appears to be in the early development stages so who knows when it be out. The universe setting for this is alot of fun, hopefully so will the game.
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