February 19, 2010

Caedes- 4E Monster


As the waning days of a former mighty empire came to a close, General Delin O’Mere sought for ways to stop the decline. He went to the Autumn League, a premiere guild of mages, and gave concessions for their aid in designing ways to augment his forces. One of the most powerful additions he had created were the caedes. They were specially bred to be genetic weapons of destruction.
Caedes look vaugely humanoid. They have long, slender limbs that end in long needle-like talons. Their head is elongated into a snout and they have a single bulbous, mulit-facted eye in the center of their forehead. Their skin is leathery and runs from a soft brown to deep green. They move exceptionally fast and seem to jerk as they move from a postion of complete rigidity to a sudden burst of speed. Their movements are designed for the highest efficiency; they move just enough to complete their function, and their function is to kill.
Caedes were bred to kill indiscriminately. Once let loose from their "kennels" they could not be controlled until they had killed something. There are tales of them killing their own forces if their bloodlust could not be assuaged fast enough.


Caedes Lore
Dungeoneering DC 25
Caedes are genetically bred killing machines from an earlier time. Nests of these creatures were built ages ago and some caedes still rest within them. If disturbed they will pursue their original task to kill all those who are not part of their army; of which there are no longer any, so everyone is their enemy.

Dungeoneering DC 29
Caedes leave debilitating wounds in their wake and anyone facing them had best have some powerful healing backup with them.

Caedes attack as many opponents as possible hoping to inflict deep wounds, as they know not many foes can sustain the healing required to counteract the damage. They use disembowel every time it is available.
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