March 19, 2010

Goblin DiveBomber- 4E Monster

Goblin Dive-Bomber

This type of goblin enjoys dropping down upon unwary prey from above. Within their lair they will create crawl spaces that run the length of a ceiling. Special trap doors allow them to quickly drop down upon adventurers as they pass underneath.
They hope to incapacitate their victims, but most of the time this doesn't happen, especially when they miss and hit the ground hard. As such, the goblin dive-bombers are seen as expendable. However, goblin leaders try to portray the life, however quick it may be, of a goblin dive-bomber as a highly specialized, elite fighting force.

Goblin Dive-Bomber Lore
Nature DC 18
Goblin dive-bombers hide up in the ceilings of caverns and drop down on unsuspecting adventurers. Look up!

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