March 12, 2010

Grau- 4E Monster


Within the Shadowfell there are hidden places and sometimes a creature will hide therein. The race known as the grau chose to do just that. They sought to find a safe place for themselves away from the other races and creatures native to the Shadowfell. They found a place deep and well hidden and named it the Grey Cleft. However, unknown to them, within it was a connection to the Far Realm. Over the years, prolonged exposure to the Far Realm altered them. They began to lose their native shape and form and began to gain the insubstantiality of shadow.

Now the grau look like indistict, wispy grey shadows, barely humanoid in form. Little tendrils of shadow seem to leak out of them. They have an aversion to other life, even their own kind, as it reminds them of what they once had and how their way of life led to their downfall. They now dwell away from the Grey Cleft in secluded sections of the Shadowfell.
Their transformation has trapped them within the Shadowfell and it is extremely difficult for them to leave. The only known way is to bring forth the inner rage and pain within others. This weakens their ties to the Shadowfell and on occassion allows them to leave. Thereafter they struggle to maintain this freedom, often to the detriment of other beings.

Grau Lore
Arcana DC 20
The grau are native to the Shadowfell. They are now tied to the Shadowfell and it is difficult for them to leave it and not perish.

Arcana DC 22
Grau can bring forth a creature's inner rage and despair and cause this to manifest as a physical entity. Once released it seeks to harm those around it.

Arcana DC 24
Creatures created by a grau from the dark side of the creature are often immune to attacks from the creature it was created from. It is best to bring friends when encountering a grau.

Dungeoneering DC 25
The grau have been altered by prolonged contact with the Far Realm. This contact has changed and twisted them. Their shapes are no longer distinct as the energies of the Shadowfell and the Far Realm combined. While losing their individualilty they also gained the ability to affect the dark side of others, bringing it forth into something substantial.

The grau will attempt to follow a group without being seen, bringing out their inner rage before confronting them. Once in combat the grau and the inner rage will try to bloody as many targets as possible so the grau can use its inner pain ability.

With the ability to bring powerful allies into a fight, even though it is an elite, the grau should be considered a solo. It should not be grouped with any other creatures. In fact, if all the possible inner rage are summoned (5 for a party of 5) an encounter with a single grau should be considered a level 16 encounter, 17 if all the inner pains are summoned.
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