May 28, 2010

4E Ritual- Empower Magic Item

I like it when a magic item can grow with the character. Often a character can be defined by his magic item. Where would King Arthur be without Excalibur? Did he disenchant it into magic components when he got too high in level?  This ritual should allow a character the same attachment to a magic item as he levels, while still retaining a cost.

Empower Magic Item

The weapon shines with a new glow. What is old is new again.

Level: 8                        Component Cost: 120 gp, plus a magic item (see below)
Category: Creation       Market Price: 680 gp
Time: 1 hour                 Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Duration: Permanent

Upon completion of this ritual, a magic item will gain the properties of a higher level version of the same item. Part of the component cost of the ritual is a magic item of equal or higher level to what the target item is being raised to. For example, an Elven Cloak level 7 could be changed into an Elven Cloak of level 12 and would require the sacrifice of a magic item of level 12 or higher. A magic item’s level can not be raised above the level of the ritual caster.
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