May 21, 2010

4E Ritual- Reincarnation

I have always liked the Reincarnation spell in previous editions. I liked the randomness of it and the fact a player could play a completely new race.

Your slain comrade is alive. You reached out and touched a part of him even he did not know existed. You brought that part of him to the fore and used it to bring him back from the dead, only in a truer form.
Level: 6                         Component Cost: 100 gp
Category: Restoration    Market Price: 400 gp
Time: 6 hours                 Key Skill: Heal (no check)
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual allows the caster to bring to life a slain compatriot in another body. You must have a part of the corpse of a creature that died no more than 60 days ago. The new form returns as if he had just completed an extended rest and is free of any temporary conditions.
The target’s soul must be free and willing to return to life. Effects that prohibit the free movement of the soul will prevent this ritual from succeeding.
Roll on Table 1 to determine the target’s new race. If a race is rolled that is the same as the target’s current race then the target stays the same race, but he will look different. A reincarnated being retains its class, feats and skills. Remove all the previous racial adjustments and abilities and then add the new racial abilities. The character retains his previous knowledge; unfortunately this means he can not speak the language of his new race unless he previously knew it.
The cost of the ritual is the same no matter the level of the target creature.

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Charisma Keller said...

I agree. We got some really weird results in our last campaign.