October 28, 2010

Living Dungeon-Part Two

Orc Lair

As written, this dungeon is designed for a party of level 8. In total, there are 11 rooms to explore and 7 potential encounters. The map was taken from the WotC website; their old map-a-week pages; Scepter Dungeon (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mw/20020725a).

This small complex was initially built by followers of Ioun who focused on his messages of peace and thoughtful coexistence. They carved a place for themselves from a rocky hill with the intent to separate themselves and explore the ways of peace. They called themselves the Perfect Mind. They felt peace with the world was the first thing a person had to do before they could begin to understand the world, its mysteries, or gain perfection of mind. Unfortunately, others did not agree with their thoughts and within 10 years they were overrun by a group of gnolls. Since that time the place has alternately been the lair of various monsters or abandoned. Recently, a band of orcs (the Pigsnouts) wrested the lair from an aging troll and have made it their home.


Entryway (1). This entryway once was used as a greeting area for potential visitors, but that was long ago. Once upon a time there were relief murals carved out of the walls, but that was long ago; wear and active defacing has erased whatever was once here. If a person were to look carefully they can see something grand was once here, but no details can be made out now.
The orcs have placed some crude barricades of broken boxes and refuse halfway in the room. They extend out from the walls from the east and west sides, leaving a 5’ path between them. The barricades are 3’ high and can provide concealment. If a push/pull/slide effect is used on a square with the barricade in it, the barricade is destroyed for that square as the effect moves that loose section of the barrier.

Refuse (2). A curtain once closed off this small room, but all that is left are the fixtures that once held them up. The first thing noticed is a stench coming from the room. Within the room, along the eastern wall, is a deep crevasse. About 60’ down is a collection of refuse that has accumulated over the years. There is nothing of value within the refuse, though the worms and maggots (non-harmful, just gross) that feed off the refuse may get into the clothes of anyone climbing down into the crevasse.
The room served two functions. One was as a place to throw your trash and also where people could go to the bathroom. A stone seat lies against the north wall and a short funnel drops waste into the crevasse.

Storage (3). This was the storage room for the complex. The orcs had no real function for it so they gave it to the Orc Beastmaster. He now keeps his dire boars here, as well as sleeping here himself. There are no pens as the boars are well trained and do not leave their master’s side.

Stop Intersection (4). The Perfect Mind did take their defenses into some consideration. Unfortunately, it was ultimately not enough. This room was one such defense, but it was much weaker than they had hoped for. Within this room, anytime anyone deals any damage, they are immobilized until the end of their next turn.

Barracks (5). What purpose this room once served can no longer be determined as time and wear has removed any hint of what it once was. Now it used as the sleeping quarters of the orc bloodragers.

Silent Room (6). When the Perfect Mind was constructing the complex; they felt silence could be used as an aid to gain peace of mind. Thus they created this room. There is ambient magic still here that allows for no sound within this room. Everyone within the room is deafened.
This room also served as a library of sorts and there are niches carved into the east and west walls that at point were used as book and scroll shelving. However, over the years the various marauding monsters destroyed all the library’s resources.

Chieftain’s Room (7). This was once the High Abbot’s chambers, but now is being used by Lank, the orc chieftain. He allows no one other than those he has invited into the room. There is a secret door on the north wall into the Chapel (11) which can only be accessed from this room. From this side, it can plainly be seen as a door.
There is a heavy scent of dogs from the pack of hounds that practically live here continuously.

Shaman’s Room (8). This is now the room used by the orc shaman, Senz. He has nothing to hide from his disciples, so they share the room and sleep on pallets near the door. The room is marked by pictures painted directly onto the walls. They predominantly feature the holy symbol of Asmodeus and his likenesses. The west wall is covered in lettering. These are words and sayings attributed to Asmodeus and as such deal with power and domination. They are written in Davek in a crude scrawl, but also in Common. The lettering in Common is actually well done and artistic. One of the acolytes has an artistic bent and takes pride in his writing.

Kitchen/Dining (9). This is a combination kitchen, dining room. A small oven has been carved out of the west wall and an extremely small flue lets the smoke pass up and out of the complex. To the north is a small alcove that once was used to house ice for perishable food, but the orcs have no such need.
Included is a table, sitting ten, for dining. The table has been patched and cobbled together and is a relic of the original builders, as even marauders like to sit and eat at times.

Barracks (10). The majority of the orc tribe lives here. As such it is filthy and disgusting. It was once a series of living cells (10’ x 10’), but the doors have all been removed making for a main room with multiple side annexes.

Chapel (11). This once was the chapel to Ioun. Over the years it has been desecrated multiple times as various monsters all sought to replace it with their own deity. Currently it has been consecrated to Asmodeus and icons for that god are prevalent. Ioun no longer holds any sway here, however, one effect from the time it was first consecrated still functions. There are 3 pillars in two rows (6 pillars total) through the center of the room. They all have an aura 2 wherein if someone does max damage on an attack (automatic with a critical), the closest pillar pushes the attacker 2 squares and knocks them prone.
One of the pillars contains a treasure hidden since the days the Perfect Mind built the complex. If a person uses any healing powers within the room and does an amount of healing equal to their level x10 before they take an extended rest, one of the pillars will open a small recessed hatch that contains a marble elephant magic item.

Encounter Groups
These are the various groups that can be found within the complex. The monsters have been divided into their sub groups. Also included is their time table of where they can be found depending on the time of day. Note that it is likely that some will outside the complex, raiding or hunting, but this list is for when they are inside. During the night hours (6pm–6am) each group has a 50% chance of being out of the complex on a raid or hunting. It is recommended at least one Raider Group stays behind and is in Room #1. Listed locations assume that the group is not out of the complex.

Chieftain Group
Lank (Orc Chieftain) x1, Orc Warrior x12
When Lank is in Room #7, the orc warriors are outside standing (slouching) at attention in the corridor outside the door; Lank likes the concept of an honor guard. Since one of their number was killed by Lank a couple of weeks ago for sleeping when he was supposed to be on guard, they at least stay awake for now.
3am-6pm (Room #7); 6pm-9pm (Room #9); 9pm-Midnight(Room #7); Midnight-3am (Room #11).

Shaman Group
Senz (Orc Shaman) x1, Acolyte x2, Ned (Orc Crescent Hurler) x1
Ned is devout and working toward becoming an acolyte but for now he still retains his orc crescent hurler abilities.
6am-6pm (Room #8); 6pm-6am (Room #11).

Beastmaster Group
Fulm (Orc Beastmaster), Dire Boar x4
6am-6pm (Room #3); 6pm-6am (Outside).

Kitchen Group
Glob-Head Cook (Orc Bloodrager) x1, Dun-Assistant Cook (Orc Crescent Hurler) x1, Orc Warrior x8
This group eats and sleeps here. During the day hours (6am-6pm) they will be sleeping here otherwise they will be working or goofing off in here. Their weapons are all cooking utensils, but will do damage similar to those listed with the monster stats.
6am-6am (Room #9).

Pack of Hounds x1
First thing in the morning the Hounds and Beastmaster are together outside the complex. This however lasts for about 5 minutes then they are put back in Room#7 so the time away is negligible. For the standard party this is not a challenge, but the pack of hounds will start barking before anyone other than Lank approaches the door to Room #7 (assuming the pack makes its Perception roll).
6am-6am (Room #7).

Raider 1 Group
Orc Bloodrager, Orc Warrior x12
Raider 2 Group
Orc Bloodrager, Orc Warrior x12
These two groups are interchangeable and their locations and composition change depending on the time of day. From 6pm-6am they function as these two groups, but from 6am-6pm the orc bloodragers are in Room #5 and the orc warriors are in Room #10. During the night their locations are as the following, with one group using the first time frame and location and the second group using the second set.
6pm-6am (Room #1)
6pm-6am (Room #1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 - Roaming)
6am-6pm (Room #5 or #10 as above)

Raider 3 Group
Orc Bloodrager, Orc Warrior x12
Unlike Raider Groups 1 & 2 this group will not split up when they sleep as the bloodrager feels a tight unit bond with his warriors and he has elected to sleep in Room #10 during their sleep period.
6am-6pm (Room #1)
6pm-6am (Room #10)

In Case of Attack
If it known that the complex is under attack the actions of the groups will change. The Kitchen Group will stay within the kitchen (#9). The Shaman Group will attempt to reach the chapel (#11). All the other Groups will attempt to converge on the nearest conflict if they can hear it. If they do not know where the conflict is, they will head to one of the following locations depending on which one is closest to them (#1, #4, #6, #11). If multiple groups converge on the same point, all but one of the groups will move on to the next nearest location, in an attempt to cover as many locations as possible and to find the invading force. They are aware of the special room effects in #4, #6 and #11 and will attempt to avoid their drawbacks. Before heading off, the Group closest to Room #7 will release the pack of hounds who will then roam the complex until they find the intruders at which point they will not engage but rather bark furiously to bring attention to their location.
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