January 17, 2011

Nerd Humor

I'm going to break my own rules about link posting and articles. Normally I hate it when a blog post is nothing but links, but these were too funny to not pass on.

Foxtrot. It has long been a comic strip where geekness slips through fairly often, especially for a mainstream comic strip. References to D&D and World of Warcraft, along with other things such as Star Trek, are all done with a sense of respect. It is less about poking fun at us and more about showing the fun we have. Yesterday's Sunday strip 1/16/11 was a good D&D one.
Here it is.

Next up is some old-school humor. This is not even pretending to be mainstream. Basically they take a humorous look at some old D&D books. This link is about S3 "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks". If you take some time looking through the site, there are a lot of other great and funny articles about some of the other older books.
Here it is.
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