May 22, 2011

D&D's New Direction is Horrible!

What is up with this new direction D&D is taking?! I want to role-play, I want an adventure where my hero can shine! Instead the newest adventure module is all about putting my character into impossible situations, all in an effort to challenge me! I don't want to be challenged at the peak of my character's abilities. I want to role-play with the merchant as we haggle for a savings of 2 silver pieces. I want to rescue the king's daughter from the kobolds so I can become a prince.

What I do not want to do is run through a dungeon crawl whose only intent is to run through the dungeon crawl. I mean what's the point of that?! The only success is success. There is no story in this except to kill the end boss guy. Personally I don't like this type of adventure and I certainly don't like what it is teaching our new players. They will begin to think D&D is about nothing but dungeon crawls and dungeon challenges. They will NEVER learn about stories and plots and adventures with lofty goals. Because of this one adventure, D&D is forever destroyed for me.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 36 years then you know I am talking about the Tomb of Horrors (1975 version). In Gary Gygax's, the author of this "adventure", own words, "There were several very expert players in my campaign, and this was meant as yet another challenge to their skill—and the persistence of their theretofore-invincible characters. Second, so that he was "ready for those fans [players] who boasted of having mighty PCs able to best any challenge offered by the AD&D game."

Now I am not one to buy into hyperbole and spread viscious words around all based on a couple of sections of advertisement blurbs, so I went out and actually got it and read it. That way you can trust my analysis as it is something I have actually seen. And let me tell you, it is out-of-control! They were not kidding. If you don't bring in your top notch character all decked out with the best selection of gear and spells, you won't last more than a few seconds. It seems like you'll need all the latest supplements in order to survive this fiasco. Yet another method by which TSR is trying to drag more money out of us!

Even worse, I hear this is only the first a series, the "S" series of adventure modules. S2 is purported to be named White Plume Mountain to be followed by S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. From this we can easily see where D&D is heading and it is heading off somewhere I do not like! D&D is dead to me and I recommend everyone else on the planet get off that train wreck with me!
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