May 6, 2011

Random Blog Topic

Stuck for a topic for your upcoming blog post? Running out time and fearful your follower count will drop if you don’t put something-anything-up? Well, look no further! Provided here is a complete (mostly) list of blog ideas in table form, just roll and you’ll have the topic for your next blog post!

Hmm, now that I think about it, this might actually be a fun thing to try for a week. Let the die fall where they may and see what I have to write? Could be a fun experiment...just so long as I don't roll a 6-9.


Dyson Logos said...

Edition War! It's World of Darkness vs the designers of Shadowrun! Who will win? Vampires or Shadowrun game developers?!

Callin said...

hmmm. I could make that work. Shadowrun designers embezzled money from the company and one of the heads of WoD stated print books for them are dead and done. Now to choose a side.

Dyson Logos said...

Nah, compare and contrast the developers of one game versus the actual other game. Not developer vs developer.

"While the WoD vampires are made of angst and suck, DJ Sprite of the Shadowrun crew has way cooler hair!"