November 3, 2011

Supervillain: Rabid


Gary Thom has the ability to control and enhance animals. He is a freelance contractor willing to do anything for money. He often teams up with others. He keeps a variety of animals at his apartment, some fairly normal and some exotic. He has also been known to use animals from local zoos on occasion.

Some of his animals are Birds (Blood Hawk Sentinel), Spiders (Deathjump Spider, Spiderling), Snakes (Deathrattle Viper, Sail Snake, Viper Swarm) Dogs (Dire Wolf, Pack of Hounds), Cats (Tiger). These animals (and their above normal stats) should be considered to already have been driven into a frenzy by Rabid. In any encounter with Rabid it should be assumed he has enough animals with him to bring the encounter up to a full encounter.

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