November 18, 2011

Who was the One?

The other day on Facebook (yes, I still use Facebook) I received a friend request from someone I hadn’t heard from for over 25 years. I immediately confirmed, but right thereafter I began to think about all the things we had done together in high school. And then it hit me, he was the person who had introduced me and my friends to role-playing games.

He was one grade ahead of us, but we all knew each other from mutual interests; fantasy, science fiction, computers. And then one day we went over his house after school and he introduced us to D&D. And of course we loved it. We all became hooked and would play whenever we could; we even took a senior skip day and went to the local park to play all day long. Soon thereafter we quickly tried other RPGs, such as Villains and Vigilantes, Traveller and Gamma World. I’ve been playing ever since and covered a wide range of game systems since then, but it all started with that one person and D&D.

Who introduced you to role-playing games? Are you still in contact with them?
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