February 15, 2012

5E Friday (on Wednesday)

-Today Greg Bilsland of WotC made a post stating they are consolidating/collating the results for the playtests from D&D Experience and deciding where to go next with the playtests. In particular he is wondering what the format for the seminars at Gencon should look like. If you have an opinion on it you can vote in their poll on the subject.
Of real interest to me is the short announcement after the poll about upcoming blogs on their website that will ask specific questions and their attempt to get some feedback on those questions. It is a way to give some feedback without being a part of the playtest. Over the next 3 days they will be covering...

Feb 15- What's in a (Spell) Name? This appears to be a discussion on the naming of spells such as Melf's (acid arrow) and Bigby's (hand). Are they looking to generalize spell names? It should be a good read to see what they have to say and the resultant comments.

Feb 16- Multiple Attacks. A discussion on fighters and multiple attacks and what they are potentially going to implement in 5E in this regard. Again this is a topic that should be of interest to a lot of people.

Feb 17- Dice Tricks. Monte will be talking about rolling dice and how to shake up some of the conventions therein. I'm not sure what the actual article will be about, but I'll take a look at it to see if they are contemplating something stupid.

Personally, I think these articles are excellent for both putting out more information on 5E and for soliciting feedback on specific topics. I am looking forward to these and future similar articles.

-I am curious to know when the next wave of playtests will be sent out. If it is not going to be until Gencon, that will be a long time from now, maybe too long.

-D&D Next seems to have "won" the title of the next edition. I'll still call it 5E for now since that is what it is.
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