February 10, 2012

5E Friday

-Can you hate a game system simply because you hate the company that produces it? I have seen several internet comments from people stating they hate 5E and will never try it, simply because they hate WotC (not to mention how many people said the same thing about 4E and 3E). "WotC has lost me forever as a customer." Is this a legitimate approach? I would say, yes it is.
Sometimes a company produces crap for products so people stay away from any future releases by them. Sometimes a company is seen as "corrupt", such as using stolen artwork, and people stay away from their products. And sometimes a person will feel "betrayed" by a company for a variety of reasons.

However, while I agree that a person has the right to dismiss a product because they dislike the company that produces it, I also can not take any "evaluation" of said product by such people seriously. Any such viewpoints on the company's products will be seen as coming through a filter of animosity. More so, if they haven't even seen the product they are giving their opinions on (like a new system that is not even released yet). So, hate a game system because of the company it comes from, but don't be surprised if I couldn't care less about your opinion on it.

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