September 18, 2012

Puzzle - Cards and Words

Here is a puzzle you can throw at the players...

Cards and Words

The players come across a door that will not open or a force field that protects an item they want and can not be dispelled. Lying on the ground before the barrier are a set of playing cards and some writing on a plaque:

Take the first of each,
to gain its name.
The first part is the same as quick,
the second is the same as reptile.

The barrier will drop when the correct word/phrase is spoken out loud.

Click to find the answer and variations on this puzzle.

The arrangement of the cards is not part of the puzzle. Instead, if you take the first letter of each playing card (A for ace, S for seven, etc) it will provide the following letters: skaftsnae. Using the letters with the rest of the clue provides the phrase needed; "same as quick" is "fast" and "same as reptile" is "snake" and the phrase is "Fast Snake".

Variations on this consist of including words that utilize a mix of the letters atfsentjqk. There are a number of words and phrases that can come out of these possible combinations; "Fake Staff" "Fate" "Fat Kate". You can likely come up with something that relates to what the players are looking for or relevant to the person who placed the puzzle in the dungeon.

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