September 11, 2012

Why the D&D Movies are the Worst Thing for D&D

The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies have made the fantasy genre cool. The characters are believable yet bigger than life. They pull off exciting things the viewer wishes they could do themselves. They make the viewer want to be a part of what is happening up on the screen. D&D and RPGs can thus reap the residual reward from potential customers looking to experience those movies for themselves. Those movies can bring new customers and a new generation of gamers to RPGs.

And then we have the actual D&D movies. This is how you kill any momentum the better movies have created. A non-gamer seeing the D&D movies will think D&D is cheesy and lame. Why would they want to become part of this world called D&D? To them it would appear as if it’s cheap and goofy, not cool and exciting; something to be avoided, not embraced.

WotC is actually doing a disservice to the D&D brand, and RPG games in general, with these movies. They are doing more harm than good. They can actually drive people away from D&D, and that is the last thing they should allow. I know they have no control over the movies, or at least limited control, but it would actually be in their best interests to make sure this upcoming movie does NOT happen.

The best we can hope for is that they never get a wide release and no one ever sees them…and that is a sad statement.
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