February 15, 2013

5E Friday

-You can't get Dungeon #211 yet, but they have put up the table of contents for people to take a look at. Included are the small blurbs mentioning what each article is about. Of particular interest to me is a note from the editorial by Christopher Perkins..."We want adventures for all levels of play, but there’s a bigger supply of—and more demand for—heroic-tier action." To go along with his statement, the three adventures in the magazine cover level 2-4, level 1 and level 1-3; nothing over level 4.
This would be fine if a gaming group is just starting a campaign, but honestly, who is going to start a new 4E campaign with 5E out there. Most groups are continuing with their current 4E campaigns (like me) which have long ago progressed away from the heroic tier. Or the groups will be trying the 5E playtest. Or the groups have moved onto another system (my second gaming group is playing Savage Worlds). Or the group is running one-shots; which can be run at any level.
The need for low level adventures in 4E is virtually non-existent. Stating otherwise is a fallacy. 
I could see a use for low-level adventures if they started offering 5E conversion notes, but I'm not sure WotC wants to produce 5E test material for Dungeon until 5E becomes a "real" system. Any 5E adventure could easily become obsolete with the latest iteration of the playtest rules.
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