February 18, 2014

40th D&D - First Convention

Day 18: First gaming convention you ever attended.

About 28 years ago I wasn't working (I had some money then and no desire to work). A friend from high school was in the Air Force working as an air traffic controller near Omaha, Nebraska. One day he mentioned there was a gaming convention going on in Omaha and I should attend it and visit him as well. With too much time on my hands I decided to drive out there; I live in New Hampshire so it was a fair distance. It would be my first con.

With it being so long ago, I don't remember too many details, but I do remember one game I played in. It was billed for experienced DMs and there was a secret twist we were all supposed to figure out by the end of the game. We showed up and were given our characters and began to explore a dungeon complex. At the end of the time we were supposed to tell the DM what the secret was. I couldn't figure it out. Finally the DM revealed he had been running the sample dungeon from the AD&D 1E Dungeon Masters Guide.

I am not a fan of cons. I prefer to know who I am gaming with. Since that first time I have never been to another con where I ended up staying for more than an hour. If I do go, I usually just visit the merchants and then leave. However, one day I do hope to visit GenCon.

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