August 30, 2017

RPGaDAY #30 - Desired mash-up

What is a genre-mashup you would most like to see?

To start I'm going to list some of my favorite mash-ups currently out there and then I'll get to the one I'd like to see that is not out there yet. There are quite a few that I like and think work really well...

-Torg. This game does an excellent job of integrating genres in a coherent way. You can add almost any type of genre without upsetting the game.
-Shadowrun. Cyberpunk and Fantasy. Superb game that I have run many times.
-Mutant City Blues. Superheroes and Investigation (Detective). Two of my favorites.
-Ashen Stars. Science-Fiction and Investigation (Detective). Another Gumshoe game that works very well as a setting (even if I am not a fan of the system). 
-Deadlands. Wild West, Fantasy, and Horror. I ran some excellent and long running games with this system.
-Dragonstar. Fantasy and Science-Fiction. I love this setting.
-Vampire (White Wolf). Horror and Modern. I've run many a game using this system and they've all been enjoyable. 
-Fading Suns. Science-Fiction and Fantasy. I ran this game and it was fun. Too bad it got lost in the rpg landscape.
-7th Sea. Three Musketeers and Fantasy. Played the heck out this game. I loved the first edition (still do); haven't tried the newest version but I am leery of the rule system.

Now for my favorite mashup I'd like to see. My gut reaction is to say superheroes and something else, but the more I think about it the more I realize that combining superheroes with something else is difficult. It is not impossible as I've seen some Superhero/Horror (Rotted Capes) games but superheroes tend to dominate the setting due to their level of power. While Torg technically includes superheroes they are limited to the level of pulp powers and weak which allows for their integration.

Lately I've been on a time-travel kick and I've always liked fantasy so...

Time-Travel and Fantasy. The setting would still be Earth but a slightly futuristic Earth where magic has returned (sort of the way it did in Shadowrun but without the goblinization). The theory is that magic has always existed but in small amounts in recorded history. The PCs are part of  team that travels back to historical Earth to keep control of rampant magic, especially when it disrupts the time-stream. 
An adventure would be something like...Jack the Ripper was a diabolist and the killings were part of a ritual to summon a demon. The PCs must stop him before the ritual is completed.
Hmmm...maybe I'll have to start working on this.

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