November 19, 2009

Klagen Geist- 4E Monster

Klagen Geist

The klagen geist is a truly pitiable creature. Undead creatures exist for a number of reasons; as a curse, as penance for a sin, to fulfill an unfinished duty, as the servants of a necromancer. When an undead is killed the sprit animating it finally is allowed to move on to wherever its final resting place is, for good or ill. The klagen geist is that extremely rare type of undead, one that should have been released on its way but it can not.
The klagen geist is caught between the spirit world and the mortal one. As such, parts of its body have moved on and others have not. At first glance it looks like floating bits of flesh and bone advancing, but upon closer inspection it is revealed that the body form is simply missing large pieces.

Klagen Geist Lore

Religion DC 15: A klagen geist is caught between the hereafter and the mortal world. As such, parts of its body are trapped in our world, while other parts are no longer here. It appears as a conglomeration of floating bits of a body.

Religion DC 20: The klagen geist is a form of undead doomed to eternal torment. You can get forewarning that a klagen geist is nearby by its constant wail. It can be heard long before it can be seen.

Religion DC 25: A klagen geist is the result of an undead creature being slain, but not allowed to go to its final rest. They are usually tied to where it was reborn and will not leave that area.

Tactics: The klagen geist's wail causes a constant damage to everything in its large range. Therefore the klagen uses it's lamentations to keep multiple enemies out of melee range or within its aura if they attempt to move too far away.
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