November 13, 2009

SF Universe

A few years ago I created my opus. It was a detailed Science Fiction Universe. It had 88 systems with multiple planets in them, nearly 300 planets. I used the Dragonstar setting from Fantasy Flight Games. This was a D20 setting wherein dragons, through their superior strengths and intelligence gained control of a star-spanning empire. The usual fantasy tropes were included; magic, elves, etc but it was a science fiction setting with lasers, spaceships and power armor suits. In all is was a very interesting setting.

My creation was to be a sandbox setting, wherein the players could go anywhere they wanted. I had star maps, databases of information and other information overload for the plaeyrs to deal with. I was going to run a Blake's 7 style setting of renegades against the system, but I could never find the right set of players to go along with my plan.
The first attempt to run the game died when one of the plaeyers refused to admit that the enemy had overwhelming force (which I blantantly showed them) and proceeded to get the entire party killed.  The second run died when I tried to use the Shadowrun system within the system and it just didn't work.

However, for your perusal, I am going to scan the printouts of the systems and post them here; one system per week. Keep in mind that the information is geared to a fantasy/sci-fi fusion, but the data can be used in a purely science fiction setting as well. Alot of the notes and descriptions are geared for the Dragonstar setting, but again if all you want are a bunch of systems and planets for background, then this should help you out. In addition, the pages were meant for the players to look at, so the DM notes are missing.

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