November 6, 2009

She'tar- 4E Monster


The she’tar are a race of humanoid insects. They have average intelligence, but to a normal human they often appear slow witted. They seldom talk. They often act without first talking amongst themselves; it seems as if they know what the others are thinking. This is not from some sort of hive mind, but rather because they are trained to know their place in their society from birth. Every action and task is accounted for. For example, the second one into a room always goes to the left and the third one always goes to the right. This level of pre-determined actions can be found in almost everything they do.
When they have a task to accomplish they do so with a resolve that can lead them to their death, as nothing is allowed to stop their attempt to complete their assigned goal.

She’tar Lore

Nature DC 19: The she’tar are an intelligent race found primarily underground. They can feed upon plant-life but prefer meat. Any meat is capable of sustaining them, but their preference is for ripened, often rotting, meat.

Nature DC 22: The she’tar follow what they call the Rules. This is a set of actions to be taken by each she’tar in any given situation.

Nature DC 22: She’tar are divided into four castes. Soldiers are the most numerous. Strikers have fully functional wings and use them in their tactics. Slayers are bigger than the rest and use specialized weapons. Sentinels are the most intelligent and lead the others in day-to-day activities.

Nature DC 26: She’tar society is formed by the matriarchs. Individual she’tar, specifically the sentinels, can determine their own actions when there is no Rule. The matriarchs make the decisions for the overall society, such as who to go to war with and who to ally with, along with designing Rules for new experiences.

Tactics: The soldier relies on his chitinious block to stop incoming melee damage and thus closes as soon as possible, perferably with another melee. Stink spit is used whenever it recharges, usually against it's target.

Tactics: The striker tries to stay as mobile and at range as much as possible. Stink spit is used on enemies that use stealth or range.

Tactics: The slayer uses two curved weapons with a chain attached. This allows the slayer to pull ranged targets to it.

Tactics: Sentinels are the tactical leaders. They try to use stink bolt to give the highest number of allies the advantage. Force burst is saved for when the sentinel is cornered and can not easily move anymore.

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