December 4, 2009

Birthright Encounters Four

• Over the course of a month mysterious things begin to happen around the regent's castle. A box of chocolates appears on the regent's pillow as he prepares for bed. A single rose is found on the mirror. A fine bottle of wine is found in ice in the wash basin. A box holding a fine dagger is found on the night stand. A fine painting is found hanging on the wall. These are all the actions of a secret admirer, who is also a very skilled and infamous thief, with a crush on the regent.
• An agent a PC regent has used in the past to complete an Intrigue comes back claiming that the target of the former Intrigue has discovered his identity and the person needs to disappear, for which he requires 10,000 gp. The agent is lying and just trying to scam more money from the regent.
• A mysterious agent approaches a PC regent with information that a caravan controlled by a rival regent will be passing near his lands loaded with a large amount of wealth, about 10,000 gp worth. The agent works for another rival of the targeted regent and will admit as much if his identity is discovered. In reality, the agent has already informed the targeted regent that the PC regent will be attacking his caravan. This is all a plot to bring the two regents into direct conflict.
• A Mercenary Cavalry unit, the "Horse's Lament Regiment" offers a PC regent their employ for only 1 GB to hire and 1 GB upkeep. "They are down on their luck." In reality they are working for a rival regent who is placing his own troops within the PC regent's ranks. A few months later the PC regent receives a rumor that the rival regent has been gloating about a secret weapon he will use upon the PC regent.
• A member of a PC regent's court, Hiram Oldsbolt, approaches him with a problem. It seems he is the victim of an intrigue, when he was "indiscreet" with a local woman of ill repute, Josa Redmond, and he is now being blackmailed with the intent to reveal information on troop movements within the kingdom. Because of the delicacy of the situation it is impossible to simply arrest the woman, she has wide ranging connections and people who would ask after her. Hiram states that she will only relent if the regent himself talks to her. In reality Hiram is part of a conspiracy against the regent. If the regent ends up talking to the woman alone she will use a philter of love and cause the regent to commit an "indecent" act. She will then begin to blackmail the regent stating she will reveal what has occurred in public and the regent will be forced to answer questions while under a detect lies spell. Josa works for a rival regent who will use any harm put upon Josa as a way to publicly damage the regent.

• A group of peasants attempts to storm a PC regents castle. Upon investigating the incident, assuming the regent lives through the attack, it is discovered that a local temple, that has been at odds with the regent, incited the peasants leading them to believe that the regent is really a demon masquerading as a human. The head of the church denies any knowledge of the temples actions.

• Loyalty within a province goes down steadily within one of the regent's province. At the same time the taxes steadily increase. A local judge, Filloman Carter, is using the letter of the law to extract the most in penalties and fines. His only goal is the betterment of the kingdom, but the people are becoming dissatisfied by the stifling enforcement of the law.

• A Great Captain rises within the domain of a PC regent. Bards sing his high praises and stories are told about his many exploits. Many people approach the reluctant leader saying they will support him if he wishes to depose the current (PC) ruler; many bring with them plans to carry out such an action. The problem is that the Great Captain is another PC, one who is a friend of the regent. Loyalty begins to fall as people flock to the leadership of the other hero. Note that the Great Captain does not have to have done anything deliberately to gain this following.
• The PC regent of a domain becomes very popular with his people. Loyalty reaches an all time high. Taxes and revenue are generated at their maximum potential as people willingly give all they have. The only problem is that the people will no longer listen to anyone other than the regent. Lieutenants can no longer perform an action during a domain turn. The regent is forced to carry out all actions on his own, severely cutting into his plans. In order to bring the situation back to normal he will have to lose face with his people. This may be harder than it seems at first as the people put a good face on any actions he performs; i.e. he raises taxes and the people still willingly pay without losing loyalty as they "know he will put the money to good use".

• Rain falls everywhere in Anuire for an entire day.
• The sun does not rise one day.
• A goat is born healthy with two heads and six legs.
• There is twice the number of moons in the sky one night.
• It is high tide constantly for a week.
• All the babies born on the same day have the same birthmark.
• Lights appear in the night sky sending six balls of light to the earth within the PC regent's kingdom. Adventurers and agents from nearby domains quickly descend upon the kingdom. What the balls of light mean is dependent on the DM. They could mean nothing, be debris of a fallen Spelljammer ship, meteors of rare metal such as tighmaevril, an experimental casting of a new spell, the first sign of a prophecy or anything else the DM wishes. The hardest part is dealing with everyone else "invading" the regent's domain.
• A new source [magical power] is discovered within the regent's domain. It is a large underground lake of red water. Unfortunately it is located directly under a town. In order to make use of the source it will require the town to be evacuated, which will cause a loss in the province rating and a drop in loyalty.
• A beautiful woman appears in the night in the room of a PC. She claims to be Sera the Lady of Fortune and Goddess of Wealth. She begins to give advice as to trade matters and how to govern the regent's domain. This occurs over the course of several nights. Whether this is the true appearance of a goddess or some trick of an enemy is up to the DM. What the character does with the visitations and advice is up to the player.
• A small village within a PC regent's domain suddenly disappears. The road leading to the village suddenly stops at the edge of the former village. Every building, person and other man-made structure is gone. The only things left of the village is the town green and well. The entire village has been transported into the Shadow World during a confluence between the two worlds. After figuring out where the village is, the adventurers must enter the Shadow World and find a way to bring the village back. However, the village is currently besieged by some of the undead denizens of the Shadow World.

• A PC regent gets a severe cold, which puts him out for one domain turn and forces him to forgo one action. If he has access to another PC with cure disease then he is fine and can take his action for the turn. Otherwise a friendly Temple offers to cast the spell in exchange for a "favor". This "favor" could entail anything from going on an adventure for the Temple to announcing a decree that the Temple is the only one allowed to be worshipped within the domain.
• The Captain of the Guard dies from a plot device or just old age. Two likely candidates make their way to the top of the list of potential replacements. Gregori Sasha, a loud mouthed, lecherous, old-time soldier, who gets along with the other guards and can hold his own in a fight, is the first. Harold Tinewild, a capable, studious, naive, responsible desk sergeant is the second. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses and the regent must choose one to fill the position, keeping in mind that one day his decision may come back to haunt him.
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