December 10, 2009

Bonebane Skeleton- 4E Monster

Bonebane Skeleton

At first glance a bonebane skeleton looks much the same as a "traditional" skeleton. However, the bonebane has a habit of breaking its bones fairly easily, often to the detriment of the creature it is fighting, as pieces of bone remain stuck into its victim.
Creatures that create the bonebane are usually not adverse to sacrificing the bonebane in order to have it do as much damage as possible before it is destroyed.
Bonebane Lore

Religion DC 12
The bonebane skeleton is considered a disposable creature by those that create it. Whenever it does damage it leaves sharpened bone fragments of itself behind. This makes it more dangerous, but over time there is little left of it.

Religion DC 16
Often a bonebane will latch onto its victim by driving bones into the victims flesh, thereby attaching itself. It is extremely difficult to remove at this point; and during this time it continues to attack its victim.

The bonebane will latch onto an opponent as soon as possible. When the skeleton is about to be moved off its target, usually from a push, pull or slide attack, it will use a free action to inflict damage right before it is cast off. The bonebane is not adverse to taking the damage penalty to be able to do damage.
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