December 31, 2009

Gleam Shard- 4E Monster

Gleam Shard

Gleam shards are small splinters of the massive crystal found at the blurred edge between the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos. They are 3 feet long crystalline structures and shift coloring every few seconds, hurting the eyes as they do so. They are content to serve, and die for, other beings, as long as they can sow chaos in doing so.

Gleam Shard Lore
Arcana DC 10: The gleam shard is similar to the chaos shards found within the Elemental Chaos. Speculation is they are a newly discovered member of that family of sentient crystals.
Arcana DC 16: Gleam shards have a basic sentience and seem to be willing to allow themselves to be killed if their death is of benefit to their allies.
Arcana DC 21: It is posited that when a gleam shard dies its sentience goes back to the legendary shard that spawned the Abyss. It is further suggested the original crystalline structure grows ever stronger when this happens.

Gleam shards move to melee as soon as possible. If they are working with other sentient beings, they will position themselves so when they are killed it will be for maximum effect.
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