January 15, 2010

Earth Guardian- 4E Monster

Earth Guardian

Earth Guardians can be summoned by those with the proper rituals to protect an area. To be more specific they are a part of the consciousness of an elemental chaos being. This segment of the consciousness is imbued into a collection of common earth or rock and given just enough sentience to allow the guardian to complete its assigned task. The original chaos being is aware of the theft of a portion of its mind, but they seldom can do anything about it.

Earth Guardian Lore
Arcana DC 16:
Earth guardians are summoned to protect specific areas and are almost never found outside of that area. They protect the area diligently, if with no imagination.

Arcana DC 21:
The earth guardian gains its limited sentience from an elemental chaos being. The being would be grateful for knowledge and access to who stole a part of its mind.

Arcana DC 26:
An earth guardian gains its strength from contact with the ground. Removing this contact weakens them.

An earth guardian is fairly simple. It attacks with all its fury as long as there are opponents within the area they are assigned to protect. They tend to pick one target and beat that one down before choosing another. If there are other creatures that are also assigned to protect an area, they will fight along side them but are incapable of coordinating attacks.

[Side Note: A successful grapple attempt can be used to lift an earth guardian off the ground and cause it to suffer earth bound.
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