January 26, 2010

Rotting Ghoul- 4E Monster

Rotting Ghoul

The rotting ghoul is an undead barely held together. At first creation it appears much the same as any other ghoul but as time goes on parts start to rot off. Unfortunately, they have a unique and grotesque way of gaining new body parts. They can rip a missing part off another corpse and attach it to themselves, fusing with the part. They also can restore their health by eating the dead.
The lair of a rotting ghoul band usually contains a number of dead corpses both for feeding when hunting is poor but also to heal themselves if their lair is ever invaded.

Rotting Ghoul Lore
Religion DC 16
Rotting ghouls are just that, rotting versions of ghouls. They can easily be distinguished from regular ghouls by their missing parts or by the fact a limb is only held on by a stray tendon. However, they are just as proficient at immobilizing their opponents as a normal ghoul.

Religion DC 18
When the limb rots off a rotting ghoul they can replace it by stealing the limb off a being (alive or dead) and attach it to themselves. If there are bizarre thefts of body limbs in a region, it can often be attributed to a band of rotting ghouls.

Religion DC 23
The rotting ghoul can regain health by eating a nearby corpse. Their lairs are often full of dead corpses waiting to be eaten at a critical moment.

Religion DC 25
The rotting ghoul can eat its self to regain health. However, they lose some of their damage dealing capabilities in doing so. They can do this because they feel no pain whatsoever. 
A rotting ghoul is fairly mindless. They will attack a slowed or immobilized target over one that is not. If possible, they try to keep dead corpses around their lair to feed on if they get in trouble, and they will readily eat their own arm if injured.
If they are working with other undead they will eat the dead the other undead before themselves.
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