January 7, 2010

Relentless Armor- 4E Magic Item

Years ago, a once mighty empire was in decline. Rulership was decadent and distracted from leading their kingdom. They had left the “trivial” tasks to province Governors, Governors who took advantage of the lax control to better themselves over the concerns of the empire.

Petty rebellions of subjugated lands began to spread. Incursions of evil humanoids began to penetrate the exterior of the empire. It was becoming harder and harder to maintain control. The General of the Armies, General Delin O’Mere, was beset on all sides. For some time he was able to maintain the status quo but as time kept moving forward he began to lose more troops and there was little to replenish his forces. The Battle of Shale Hill was a turning point. Despite winning the battle and stopping the invasion of the Horse Armies, the elite guard was decimated. The empire’s foremost fighting force was gutted.

General Delin sought for a way to augment his armies. If he could not do this through conscription, he knew he had to find another way. He eventually went to the Autumn League, the premiere guild of mages. He had to allow them greater concessions within the empire (some say this had a hand in the Red Cataclysm) but they gave him what he asked for. One of the greatest creations was the Relentless Armor.

He was able to equip an entire division with the armor. Even when the soldier was killed the armor would keep going. It proved its worth upon the battle field many times, but the empire did eventually fall. Suits of the armor can still be found in old ruins on occasion and are prized for their obvious value.

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