April 2, 2010

Music for the DM

We have all experimented with music during our games. It can help set the mood; anything from classical music for a ballroom scene to techno for a vampire gathering. Sometimes we use it to give the players a hint of what’s to come. I had one GM play Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers as we progressed through Hell during our adventure. Did I mention he had it looped so the song repeated itself over…and over…and over. Just listening to the song now gives me shivers.

One thing often overlooked is music for the DM. There can be songs that can put a DM into the proper frame of mind for adventure prep. For me, I started playing rpg games in the early 80’s and after school I would often map out a dungeon or setting while the music played on the radio. A lot of the songs from that time now bring me back to those days and I find it easier to work on the next week’s adventure. I have 8 CDs full of songs from that era and when I really want to sit down and get some work done, I’ll pop one of them in as I start.

What songs get you in the mood to write up an encounter? Does different music work for different genres? What other things inspire your adventure design?
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