April 28, 2010

Quick Hit- Game Locations

Most of us have played a game in the typical locations; a kitchen table, living room, basement, dorm lounge, convention hall, gaming store. Every once in awhile we tend to break out of the normal and do something different. This may be for a change of pace or because the location is conducive to the particular game that day.

Not too long ago I was running Legend of the Five Rings, an oriental setting. To change it up one day, we decided to all head to a local sushi restaurant. We took a back table and proceeded to play there for the next 4 hours. It was wonderfully immersive.

Once in high school (oh, so long ago) we had a senior skip day. Despite only being a junior, that day I took the bus to school and jumped into the car of one of the seniors. We headed down to the local state park, meeting a few others there and proceeded to play D&D for the next 6 hours on a picnic table. Being outdoors for that long was again immersive.

What places have you played an RPG game at that fell outside of the norm? Why did you pick that location?
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