April 4, 2011

Mythic Monsters-Chichevache

This is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Herein I will be presenting a new monster that hopefully has not been seen before in any RPG game. These will be drawn from stories and mythologies found in a variety of real-world cultures.


It seemed to come out of no where, moving at a speed almost beyond what the mind could comprehend. It moved through the crowd, darting and weaving leaving behind a stink of miasma. It bypassed the others until it reached the prior’s wife. It then began to rip her apart.

First seen in print in The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, this monster was a rare beast that fed upon good and faithful wives. It was based on the French word chichifache, which meant “thin face” and chichevache means “thin or meager cow”. The reason it is so thin is because it has little to choose from for its meals. This reflects a bias against women as being unfaithful beings. The Chichevache is in direct opposition to the Bicorn, which it actively hates; one thing that drives a Chichevache into a frenzy is the appearance of a Bicorn as they are mortal enemies.

The creature looks like an emaciated cow, with a long, almost human face. It is a force of nature in that it lives to feed. It serves no ecological function. After it has fed on a faithful woman it has been known sleep for extended periods of time.

-Speed: It is fast and uses its speed to move around a battle field to gain advantage or to avoid attacks.
-Weakness: It is able to channel its own bad health onto others causing them to do less damage.
-Bite: Its bite is more devastating than it should be, as it rips entire clumps of flesh out of its target.

-News of a Chichevache in the area begins to spread after the local mayor’s wife was attacked. She was fortunate in that she was able to “play dead” which caused the creature to give up its attack and it left her alive though injured. At the behest of a magician mentor the characters are asked to get her story as “playing dead” may be an acceptable tactic when a Chichevache attacks. However, the woman is reluctant to give more of her story. Further investigation will reveal that the woman is in fact having an illicit affair and made up the story as proof she is faithful. Unfortunately for the party she and her lover now have to take more extreme measures to keep her “faithfulness” and they will need to eliminate the party in an ambush.

-The party comes upon a village wherein they are invited to partake of the town’s wives. It seems there is a Chichevache nearby and in order to keep their women safe they have taken to keeping their wives “unfaithful”. The village would be very appreciative if the Chichevache is slain.

-The region is being terrorized by a Chichevache and a Bicorn. Thus far the two creatures have been preoccupied with fighting each other. While they still cause damage and loss of life in the area it is less than if there was only one of them. If the party is to help the area, they must not only kill one of the beasts but the other one as well, and quickly.
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