April 21, 2011

Mythic Monsters-Roblon

This is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Herein I will be presenting a new monster that hopefully has not been seen before in any RPG game. These will be drawn from stories and mythologies found in a variety of real-world cultures.


The first sign was the birds taking flight; they took wing an mass and filled the sky briefly before flying off. The second sign was the sound of thunder, only as it came closer it was clearly something large crashing through the trees. The third sign was when the ground began to shake. It was then the impossiblly large tree burst through the trees and stopped upon seeing the people. It actually made an incomprehenible sound as it struck out at them.

This is a tree, from northern Spain, that gained sentient from killing a girl. This girl was out walking when a storm struck, so finding a hollow nook at the base of a tree she went in to get dry and warm. The tree felt her warmth and squeezed tighter, crushing her. Her blood then seeped into the tree and it grew and grew until it was able to move on its own. It then went in search of more of this empowering food and now seeks more persons to eat. In its wake, when a seed drops into the blood it spills, a new Roblon is created. However, a Roblon slowly grows stronger as it continues to feed and the older trees can be a serious threat.

To all appearances a Roblon is a normal tree, an abnormally large tree, but a tree nevertheless. When it moves through a forest it knocks the lesser trees over. Now that it and its progeny are purely evil it cares nothing for the forest; it is not an avenger of those who despoil nature. It also consumes large quantities of water and can actually drain small lakes.

-Grab: It is able to grapple its target with its limbs.
-Swallow/Crush: After it grapples a target it can stuff the target into its hollow base and then start crushing. This does a lot of damage since it also drains blood as well.
-Stomp: Being bigger than a normal tree its stride is more of a thunderous stomp. This can disorient nearby targets and even knock them off their feet.

-The elves have long protected the nearby forest, sometimes with a violent vengeance. However, an understanding was reached many years ago and has held true ever since…until recently. The elves have been striking at outlying farms and homes. The characters are brought in to find out what is wrong and put a stop to it. Upon being able to interact with the elves, a difficult task in itself, they learn someone is destroying the forest, leaving wide swaths of fallen trees. This is a Roblon moving through the forest as it hunts for new food; in fact some of the attacks on the farms were actually the Roblon. The creature is hiding out in the forest in between feedings.

-A wizard has determined that only the progenitor of the Roblon can create new ones. He also knows where the creature is currently or at least near the location. The players are tasked with slaying the creature and thus ending the possibility of new Roblon being spawned. This is a high level adventure as the original Roblon is very old and powerful, almost a force of nature at this point. Whether or not the wizard’s assumptions are true (perhaps other older Roblon can also procreate) is up to you.

-A group of bandits has made an alliance with some younger Roblon. If the bandits continue to help the Roblon find easy prey to feed on, they will help the bandits. The bandits thus have become a scourge in the area, attacking where they are strong and hiding within the Roblon when they are outmatched. Thus far no one has been able to track the bandits as they rest within the Roblon while they move from location to location. Can the party stop them?
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