April 16, 2011

Mythic Monsters-Nuberu

This is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge. Herein I will be presenting a new monster that hopefully has not been seen before in any RPG game. These will be drawn from stories and mythologies found in a variety of real-world cultures.


It had been raining for eight days. Normally this was a good thing but the rain was flooding the fields, threatening to literally wash the crops away. The wind also was fierce throughout this time, bending the crops and causing much to be blown away or broken. After the local shaman cast her rituals, it was determined to be the work of a Nuberu, and the fault of the village’s baker. The entire village went to the Nuberu, including the protesting baker, who claimed he had done no wrong.
Humbly they approached the Nuberu’s home by the sea. They tentatively knocked on the door. It swung open fiercely as the Nuberu stood there.
“What?!” it asked.
The baker was pushed forward. “We…we wish to ask you to stop the storms. We wish to ask what we have done wrong and how we can fix it?”
The Nuberu stared at the baker. “I know you. You are the man who ignored me in the street last week. You have brought this upon yourself.” And the door shut loudly.

Of Spanish origin, the Nuberu is a short man, with big ears and brightly colored eyes. It dresses in furs and wears a hat and a cloak made of feathers. It has great powers associated with storms; he can make it rain, hail, and lightning. It enjoys bringing harm to people, ruining crops with hail, bringing storms at sea when ships are near, hitting people with lighhtning. This all seems to amuse it. However, if it is ever helped by a person it is kind to that person, irrigating their land and helping as it can.

-Lightning: Its lightning can fork and hit multiple targets.
-Hail: This is not normal sized hail, but rather large enough to damage property and homes. As such, it can pack a punch when it hits during a fight.
-Air: It can also manipulate the air. It uses this to fly and move other beings around at its whim.

-A Nuberu is tricked by a bandit into believing the nearby village has slighted it. In its usual irritation it sends a plague of ill weather against the village. Then the Nuberu is captured by the bandits and carried off. Now the storms rage on without stopping. The bandits have heard of an ancient cairn beneath the village and are hoping to drive off the villagers so they can plunder it at will. The characters are hired to deal with the Nuberu. They will first need to discover the Nuberu is missing, find where the bandits are holding it and then release it from their stronghold. Thereafter, they may wish to investigate the cairn themselves.

-A natural drought has hit the region. The people have beseeched the Nuberu to aid them, but it first wants a new set of clothing made for it. Unfortunately, the materials needed for this new wardrobe is beyond the capabilities of the people to procure, so they turn to the characters for aid. Some of these materials include gorgon hide for a new hat, the feathers of a roc for a new cloak and the skin of a werewolf for a new set of furs.

-A local farmer has garnered the good-will of a Nuberu. The Nuberu keeps the farmer’s fields healthy and vibrant. The farmer has also been able to convince the Nuberu to send ill weather against the other farmers. Soon the farmer will be the sole provider of foods stuffs in the area, able to charge any price for his goods. The other farmers in the area wish to hire the party to somehow remove the advantage of the sole farmer. How they do this is up to the characters, but the farmers need results and soon.
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