October 19, 2011

Superorganization: Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers

This is less an organization than a duo of crime. The Alienist and Wormfood have made a criminal living at kidnapping for money. They have a near flawless record for getting away without any contact with authorities or apprehension. Unfortunately, they sometimes kill their kidnapping victims; sometimes by Wormfood because he can’t really help himself and sometimes by Alienist because he enjoys it.

The secret behind their success is that they both are able to take over bodies. Their normal methodology is to get close to the victim and then take over the body. Then they simply walk out as the person and hide until the ransom is paid. Likewise, they collect their ransom by taking over various bodies as they carry the cash away, easily evading the authorities.

Their presence has been rare of late. Some speculate that they have either retired or died off. In fact, Alienist has been captured and imprisoned by the Russians and Wormfood is simply old and dying. If Alienist were to gain his freedom, he would seek a replacement for Wormfood and start anew.

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