October 27, 2011

Supervillain: Sense


Susan Ford learned of her powers slowly. At first things just seemed weird, people around her at school having problems hearing, vision blurred or numbness. Unknown at the time, it was during times when she was stressed. No one made the connection. Then on one particularly stressful day she wished ill upon some bullying kids and it came true when they were struck blind (though the person did eventually recover). Realizing she was the cause she was horrified by what she had done, yet she told no one.

In an effort to understand what was going on she experimented slowly learning what she was capable of. She learned she could affect the senses of a person, with the effects being temporary. However, she put this down to an anomaly and didn’t use the powers against another person again, burying her abilities.

Her life went on and eventually she found herself in an abusive relationship. On one particularly bad night she snapped and instinctively used her power to destroy the sense of her boyfriend. This time the effect was permanent. She realized she should feel remorse but she did not. The authorities had no clue she had anything to do with his “illness” but someone had an idea she was responsible. That someone recruited her into the Venture Group, a super-powered mercenary group.

Her power is fairly potent and its only true limitation is her own imagination as to what she can do. As time goes on, and she experiments more, the effects she will be able to cause will be become even more varied and of increasing strength.

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