October 31, 2011

Supervillain: The Burning Man

No adventure this week. In fact, this will be the last week for my superhero posts...until such a time I write more up. Next week I'll be going back to my regular articles and opinion pieces on the wider spectrum of rpgs. For this week I'll be posting some loose supervillains I have lying around.

The Burning Man

Vincent Poor was in a horrible fire where his powers of fire manifested. Unfortunately he nopw perpetually burns (most of his flesh burned off). It’s driven him insane. If he needs to move among the general populace he must wear a complete fire suit. Usually he is just in his normal form, but some organizations have given him experimental power suits; some to try and control his fire and some to augment his fire abilities. Thus he sometimes can be found working for other supervillains.

He has also been known to create fire minions, especially as he learns more about his powers. He can quickly summon fire elementals and a DM can add some level appropraite fire elementals to an encounter with The Burning Man to create a complete encounter.


anarkeith said...

I did a version of the Burning Man in a Dark Sun campaign earlier this year. He was a Defiler hired by a merchant house to get rid of the meddling PCs. The first time the party met him, they were so afraid, they parleyed, and talked their way out of the encounter. He came in conversation quite a bit after that, and when they finally got a chance to fight him they had built their fearful anticipation to a fever pitch. Great fun!

Callin said...

I love it when the PCs are scared of an NPC before they even fight him.