March 2, 2012

5E Friday

-With all the talk of Vancian magic making a come back I liked that fact that they still understand that playing a magic-user that runs out of spells, and then has nothing to do, is not fun. While there are some things about a Vancian system I like, I do not want to go back to a magic-user throwing darts for the rest of the adventure once his wad is blown. Monte mentioned that even with a Vancian system they are talking about allowing for a Feat, or similar system tool, that would allow a magic-user to have a single spell that can be used all the time. Something relatively minor, sorta like an at-will cantrip. I like this.

I would like to see a Basic Attack that can be used by any class. This would be a default attack that a fighter would use while disarmed (punch), a mage when they are out of spells (cantrip/innate magic), a ranger when they are out of arrows (rock), etc. Make the damage basic, like 1d4, and allow a + for damage based on whatever ability is most important to the class; so fighter 1d4+Str, mage 1d4+Int, ranger 1d4+Dex.

If you need a rationale for what each stat provides; Str=Punch, Int=Innate magic, Dex=Thrown object, Con=Body slam, Wis=Innate magic, Cha=Innate magic.

For the spellcasters, this Basic Attack would signify the innate ability to work the forces of magic. However, the output is weak (low damage) because this working of magic is required to be low enough to control and inconsistent (requires a to hit roll) because it was not memorized in the Vancian methodology.

-I find is sadly funny that some people are derisive it when WotC designers suggest some change from the 1E/OSR rule set for 5E, such as removing stat bonuses based on gender and adding mage at-will cantrips to a Vancian magic system as altering the base game. These are often the same people who use house rules and thus alter the "base" game themselves for the "betterment" of the game. So, its ok for them to do it, but WotC can't do it as add-ons without being branded heretics.

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